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How to Completely Wipe the Hard Drive

Giving away or selling an old computer is a common practice for the people who want to upgrade. To protect confidential days, you must first format the hard drive. Mere deleting of the file and emptying of the recycle been is not enough. The drive will retain some data which the OS cannot see. When you write on the dick, it leaves echo on the magnetic media, which can be retrieved. With many recovery programs on the market, it is easy to recover that data.

Since deleting and formatting are not effective methods, it is recommended that you consider drive wiping. Wiping uses the latest technology to overwrite the data on the hard disk. It will be impossible to recover overwritten data. Different methods can be used in the wiping of the hard drive. The first and easiest method involves resetting your computer. To wipe the drive, you should consider reinstalling the OS. You shall be given the option of erasing everything from the drive. However, the resetting method is only suitable for the latest OS (Windows 8 and 10). Do view here for more insight into wiping a hard drive.

One of the best and effective way to completely wipe the drive is by using the DOD wiping method. Your information will be wiped and not recoverable. On the market, many programs use DOD wiping technology. A program like White Canyon uses the three-pass procedure to erase the information. First, the hard drive is overwritten in different locations. Random characters are used in this method.

There are two main methods of DOD wiping. The three-pass-overwrite method involves overwriting the binary characters on the hard drives three times. The first “0” character is passed. It is then followed by “1” and random characters. The other method is the seven-pass-overwrite, which passes data on the drive randomly many times than the three-pass method. At the end of the two approaches, there is a verification step to ensure that no data can be recovered. Sites like can help with drive wiping needs.

Another method that you can use to protect your data is by physical destruction of the hard drive. The method is only suitable when you are sure that you are not going to use the hard drive anymore. To achieve that, using a screwdriver, remove the drive case from your PC. From that, you can remove the main circuit board. Destroy it using a hammer. Repeatedly hit it. After that, throw all the trash in the garbage. Alternatively, you can destroy the drive using a magnet when you put the magnet on the drive to deform the metal plate on the hard drive. Here are some ways to wipe a hard drive:

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